Sunday, July 10, 2005

One Chapter Ends, and a New Life Begins

John names Christ the Alpha and Omega in Revelations, which is the begining and ending of the Greek alphabet. In the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet it would have been the Aleph and the Tau. Today we look at the twenty second psalm and this step on our path through the psalms is the end of the first chapter, but it is also the beginning of the next.

One cycle is nearly through and another about to begin. Tau represents the form of creation which we experience as simple faith. We saw through the door a view of the Holy City but it is guarded by a free fall toward the abyss. We begin with the words of Jesus as he hung dying.

22. Death and Doubt

My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? Why are You so far away and my words go out into thin air? I cry out in the day and You don’t listen, I pray at night and You don’t hear. Yet You are holy and have the praise of all your people. Our fathers trusted in You and were delivered. They were comforted in their sorrow.

I am but a worm, not a man. I am despised and laughed at by everyone. They make faces, shaking their heads and saying, "He trusted in his God and look where it brought him."
Lord, You are the one that caused me to be, You have been my hope since I was a child; You were my Lord before I was born. Be near me now, for trouble is close by and there is no one else to help. Like angry bulls they surround me, they would trample me and tear me into pieces. I am afraid, my insides have turned to water and my bones won’t hold me up. My strength has withered and my dry mouth tastes like death. The foul dogs surrounding me have begun to bite. They have wounded my hands and feet and my bones are showing white through my skin. My enemies contend for my clothes and divide up my goods.

Don’t be far away, O Lord, I need help very soon. Save my body from their violence and their henchmen. Don’t let me be devoured and forgotten, You have heard my voice and have heard of my trouble. I will declare your name to my people, I will praise your name to them all. Those that fear You will praise You also, they will become your family and gain your inheritance.
You are not ashamed of the agony of your people and You have heard our cries. I will praise your name in front of everyone and I will give, as I am able, to those who fear You. Only the meek can gain from your power, they will praise You and seek for the truth and they will be sustained by your eternal heart.

The whole world will eventually turn to the Lord, all people of all nations will learn the truth. He made it all, it belongs to Him and He is its governor. The rich and poor alike will need to come to Him for life; all that live and die must worship Him because who can keep alive his own soul?
The seed is already sown, our children will hear of the Lord. The teachers will always be there, and declare the truth to every generation to come.

* * *

Why did Jesus cry out, "My God, my God, why have you foraken me?" Was it because He was filled with doubt as death drew near, or was it because he had studied psalm 22 before he was twelve, and he knew what it meant? They were almost his dying words and they can be used as a signpost to all who will listen.

"...I will praise your name to them all. Those that fear You will praise You also, they will become your family and gain your inheritance."

Finding that open door is about praise, about knowing what praise is and how to give it. Genuine praise, heartfelt praise; joyous, imaginative, creative praise. Not the WORD praise but the ACT of praising. Not saying you will praise Him, but acting as if you were already in his kingdom and appreciating it. It's shocking and awesome like the joyful anticipation of a small child in a large toystore, or the amazement of an airplane ride or seeing mountains for the very first time.

It could describe an assembly of believers on the Sabbath. There is one in us who has dreamt of that perfect place, who longs for it and is willing to try to make this world more like it, hopeless though it sometimes seems. Strange it is, no matter how many times we pray or go to church, or even have a good day; when the alarm rings and the Monday morning hammer falls we still sometimes wonder, "My God, why do I feel so forsaken?"

We feel empty because we earned last night's sleep yesterday, and today we have to start all over. We are blessed and from us much will be required. We have to pay the price if we want to see the show and so we give our praises in thought and action regardless of how we feel because it becomes our will to do so. We do it now, and five minutes from now for it is the cash that buys our ticket and the work that earns our bread. Feelings that change for reasons beyond our control are not out masters, our will is, or can be if that is our path.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Seventh Step Is Not a Lesson At All

We have looked at the first twenty one psalms individually and in groups of three and cycles of seven. We are now to the last of putting the cycles together by looking today at 7, 14 and 21. It's like looking back on the past three weeks but only considering what happened on the last three Sundays.

Our lives are full of unknowns and the future is hazy at best. The world seems full of traps and temptations that might take more strength than we have to win out. How can we know what to do? We were told to do the best we can. That's all there is, and that will be enough. We can find the power to live this life we chose in our ordinary, everyday lives. The enemy will show us through our weaknesses and the Lord will give us according to our strengths. What we do is already forgiven, but why we do it may not be. We must be free of persuasion. There is only one sin that cannot be forgiven, and that is lack of faith in our ability to live what we believe. The punishment for it is a life of slavery to empty desire.

Lesson six was all about trust. How trust in ourselves and each other leads to strength, and how trusting ourselves to act is the beginning of self-sustaining strength. That is the end of the formal lessons, that is enough understanding to get us to the place where we can start. The next step is not a lesson at all, for there is nothing else we must do. The next step is the first real step onto the path, but the path leads where it will. Trust and faith lead to a door, the Door of Jesus as brother James called it. For us passing through leads to a day of rest, our work is done and we spend our time contemplating the glories of the Kingdom that is through that door. All of living beyond that door is a gift, a joy and a wonder to behold and learn.

Where the Seventh Step Goes

We live in the kingdom the Lord has made, we trust the working of its laws. We are protected citizens and will always be safe there. There is established a king in us that belongs in this place who is subject only to the Lord. He has his heart's desire, days without end and the appearance of majesty and glory. These are gifts that will never be taken away. This king is in us, and is with us, and is made of us; that part of us that can pass through the cleansing fire. No evil can exist there, not even its memory, it is all burned away at the door and whatever is left is all there is of us.

We will be called to do battle. The people of the Lord of Truth will let the rage of our enemies awaken in us the power to defeat them, and they will fall by their own lies. The Lord will use us to defeat them and their works and their seed will be gone forever from his people. Today, we only need to know the truth, but we need to know it right now. Not tomorrow, not when we are ready, not when we get a few more things figured out; but now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Learning How to Trust

Lesson Six, compiled from psalms 6, 13 and 20 is about trust, but so far we have only found what cannot be trusted. We would like to trust other people but we are surrounded by those who would take advantage of our weaknesses. There are the unscrupulous we call enemies, but even among families and friends there are conflicts of desires. We would trust the God who is our Creator but we are sometimes not sure what of Him is real and what is only our hope and imagination. We would trust ourselves but but honest seeking shows our faults and bad habits.

Ordinary schooling (even without the ten commandments posted in the hall) educates us to look for examples in the world and use logic to find patterns. From repetition we can see causes and effects, and a whole new world of ideas opens up. We can manipulate the ideas more easily than objects and before you know it, we can build skyscrapers from plans on paper. We learn math and science and history and we see how mankind's perception of himself and his surroundings has changed over the years.

We learn about art and music and literature by looking at examples of what most agree is great work, and we begin to understand quality. We develop an instinct for quality that is hard to define so we use phrases like "It's more of an art than a science," or "You can only learn that from experience" to bridge the understanding gap. We understand that we will be called upon to act in that world; to get a job and have a family, to make decisions without a safety net. There's not always a smooth transition from decisions at school to decision making in the rest of life. But to get the experience, or do the art requires work, or at least doing, and doing requires some amount of trust.

We must trust in our ability to at least start in the right direction, without that, we may collapse in an anxiety attack over the smallest thing. Normally, people learn that facing the unknown requires the ability to learn from the mistakes that will inevitably come. And so, the beginning of trust is having courage, having the faith in ourselves that we will have the energy to start something and continue with it. Trust is courage in action. You will have made preparations, you've trained and practiced, others who should know have told you that you are ready (though you are not sure); then comes a moment that you often remember forever that has been long awaited but comes quite unexpectedly, when you step out and begin.

All you have to hold onto at that moment is whatever faith you can squeeze out from the vacumn that seems to appear inside of you, the faith that you can trust yourself to act according to your will, and nothing else. You could be out on a stage with a microphone in your hand, you could be falling through the air waiting for your parachute to open, you could be waiting in the emergency room for the doctor to come out, or waiting in court, or looking into the eager eyes of students or co-workers who expect the very best from you.

Trust is work, and it develops in small steps. Faith is the evidence of the gain made from the work of trust. It is like money in the bank. It's the riches that the bible has spoken of for six thousand years. It is the source of all our strength and we can know it by its taste. It has it a measure of fear and a measure of excitement. It makes us feel our rapid heart and our body that comes alive, as if waking from a long sleep, poised in ready anticipation of a future filled with wonder in a Truth that is waiting patiently for us to find.

Jesus said it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a man who trusts in riches to get into the kingdom of God. You search the scriptures and think you will find eternal life there. And yet those scriptures speak of the truth which I'm telling you here. If you don't believe the bible you certainly won't believe me. And He said you trusted in Moses, but don't do his works, how then can you learn from someone you don't trust.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Lesson Six Is About Trust

Learning to trust is a lifelong road. Every day we walk out on the ice and wonder if it will hold us up. We would certainly trust God if we could listen to Him every day like Adam in the garden but it seems his voice is hard to hear and we have become a little deaf. We look to others with good reputation for values but the decision of who or what to trust always rests with our own judgement. We might be better off if Buddha or daVinci, or Aristotle or Jesus could make our decisions for us; but the best we can do is try to figure what they might do in our situation and go from there. Trust must begin within ourselves, but we know from experience that our judgement is sometimes flawed. We must examine our own selves and see beyond the flaw.

Everyone comes up with their own version of reality based on what they learn and what they call their own truth. We try to convince ourselves that we are open and are still trying to find the REAL TRUTH, but we're not. Why? Because we don't trust ourselves, and for good reason: we are liars and we know it. We lie all the time to ourselves and to each other. We lie about how we look, about how we feel, about what we think, and most of all we lie ALL THE TIME about what we know. If you would call a lion an animal with courage, and an elephant an animal with strength; what would you call a human? It's the animal that lies! We lie out of habit, even when the truth would serve us better.

And how can we begin to trust ourselves? We must get to the heart of the lie that is deep within us and set it straight before anything else can be done. Now this is a killer, but the fact is we lie every time we use the word 'I'. That's right, we don't have the foggiest notion of who or what we are. We don't know what our potential is, we don't know what we are supposed to be doing here, we don't really know where 'here' actually is, we don't know how all the stuff that happens to us influences us, we don't know what is going on in our own bodies, and we don't know what is going on in our heads.

What humans do have is a pitiful number of years to accumulate some knowledge, a brain that can memorize vast amounts of information and collate it to whatever conditions we ask of it; and at least TEN THOUSAND YEARS of history that has been remembered in myths and stories, in oral, written, sculpted, painted, carved or otherwise handed down form. THAT is who we are. We are everything that has ever happened to anyone, and we are everyone who is doing anything to anyone else right now. It is a great freedom and carries much power for we are Abraham and Christ and Muhammed; but it is also a terrible burden for we are also the barbarians and Hitler and Pol Pot, killing and hurting each other all over the globe at this very moment. If it weren't for the prayers that waft heavenward from the mouths of saints and your daughter at bedtime, we would all be in big trouble.

All of history is in every one of us right now, and the only question we can ask is, What are we going to do next? Right now, this very moment? Get all hissy because somebody didn't treat us right? Maintain that grudge? I have one for you: clear your mind of everything for a moment, then smile for no particular reason. If you were to drop dead right after, your contribution would be positive and greatly appreciated.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Connecting the Lessons, Part Three

Step Five: The Path, Only the Truth Has Power, and Wisdom is the Reward

In step four we saw that trusting the truth was the next step on the path of recognizing what living can be. We do not need to know all the truth in order to trust it, we are going to trust it anyway. In that trust, and in seeing the power it brings is found the seed of strength.

We begin each day eager to look for the truth. We make the search real by speaking aloud words of praise for a truth we don't know and can only hope to find. We do not need to understand the meaning of truth in order to find the working of it in our daily living.

It is a dangerous path to seek the truth for no lie can come near it. Foolish explorers cannot exist in its presence and it will destroy the evil or greedy heart. We must have help, but it will not come from other men. The seekers are too few and those who boast of knowledge are our enemies. They flatter and lie out of habit even when the truth would serve them better and they have no value. It is the universe itself that declares the glory of its making. The light of day shows the truth and at night the proofs are seen. The lesson has no voice or language, it is in the unseen forces that bind all matter together and in the joyous light that radiates from the stars.

We are creatures of energy and light and we are connected above by that light to all of creation. We are already in the House of Truth and it is to be feared above all else. Our enemies cannot folow on this path, for they are faithless and their lies are their undoing. The power of the light of truth is everywhere, just as every point in space is crossed by the light of every star, so it is that nothing can escape the power of truth. It alone makes the laws creating order and peace and to follow them is wisdom. Be afraid of what is sure, for by it we are warned as well as rewarded. We cannot see ourselves clearly, but the light will show us our faults.

We who trust in the truth will rejoice and shout for joy, for we are safe in in its defenses. It holds us safe though we are surrounded by the worst of men. The Truth is my Lord, my Rock, my Redeemer.

We were created to grow in the love of our maker that we call our God and Father. He does not begrudge the efforts of the creation to sustain our living and the pain of our growth. But there is a time for learning and a time for doing. We have been taking steps toward understanding the truth and getting to a place where we can not only see it, but live by it. So far we have (1) learned by example and logic, (2) taken responsibility for our ideals, (3) looked for a perfect ideal, (4) begun to trust it as truth, and (5) gone into the world and attempted to live on trust instead of logic. We can experience the joy and wonder of a creation that is beyond our explanations and worthy of our unending praise. Our path is in that real world and the next step, from psalms 6, 13 and 20, takes us there but it is a hard lesson and deals with sorrow and failure.

Step Six: Show Me Again, Trust, and Inspire Your Own

Lord, I'm so sorry. Don't be angry, I couldn't survive your displeasure. I want to do your work, but I have no direction. Come back and save me again, please. I will do all for You, I would die for You but what good could I do for You then?

How much longer must I wait?

How much further can I make it on my own? I don't have the strength to keep this up forever. My sorrow and my enemies are wearing me out. Please hear me, if I don't get help from you soon it will be the end of me and my tormentors will have won.

The Lord will hear you in the day of your trouble, the name of the truth of your fathers will defend you. He will send out help from his fortress and strengthen you with his power. The Lord remembers you and all you had to give up. He will give you what you need and you will become what you have helped others to be.

Go away all you tempters, the Lord has heard me, He knows my trouble and has heard my call. But wait. Look and see! I have trusted You. Glory and mercy, the trust is my salvation's door. The heavens are rejoicing for my success inspires more to come. We have seen how the Lord takes care of his own, how his strength passes over to us. Some trust in the inventions of men, but we will use the name of Truth and call it Lord, our God.

This sixth lesson is the hardest, it is the place of men in an imperfect world trying to get things done. We all have a version of reality that is based on what we have learned and what we call the truth. We may try to convince ourselves that we are still open and looking for the REAL TRUTH but in fact we are constantly being led astray. Within the purpose and action of trying to get things done we are drawn to those things that seem to work, and what seems best is that which works well. If men were pure and filled only with love for justice and mercy then we could trust one another and be assured the world was being made into a better place. But we cannot trust even ourselves, much less one another for our natural bodies betray us with selfish desires.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Connecting the Lessons, Part Two

Step Three: About Fear, What the Wicked Don't Know and Accept the Path

What have we gotten into here? There are so many who say we are wrong, who say there is no power except the kind they know and they are willing to torture and kill to keep it. I guess it has always been like this, but why does our Lord seem so far away when we need Him the most?

The liars are up to their same old tricks. They try to convince by provoking pride and desire. They would have us grovel for what is unimportant, cursing us and twisting our words while speaking of their own greatness. They disguise themselves as seekers of justice to gather suport from the unsuspecting.

Hear our song, O unending Truth, and judge us in your balanced sight. Try our hearts and show us the way in our dreams. Guide us on the path around their traps and don't let us slip. We can sleep without fear knowing you are our shield, our strength and our hope. You have seen what the liars do and you take care of the weak and humble. You will break the strength of the wicked, their lies cannot hold them up. They are men of this world and its life, and death, is their portion: it is all they and their kind shall ever know.

But salvation belongs to the power of Truth and will go to those who make it their king. It is our Lord. You have strengthened us and given us the power to be heard above the lies. Only the truth can judge us.

Step three from psalms 3, 10 and 17 is the recognition of a higher power that can be known but not understood. It can be recognized and demonstrated but not proven, it is felt but not seen. We begin to understand the ideals it represents and we can learn the methods to achieve them. Great struggles result because of the differences of opinion, and the pain and suffering they cause brings much anger and hatred. Only the strongest and most perserverant will survive. A small amount of truth seems to be overwhelmed by a sea of lies, but truth wins out because within the lies are the seeds of its own destruction.

Step Four: The Answer, Fear No Evil and The Candle is Lit

What can we do if the Truth has no effect? Sorrow and death are all around and the flood of ungodly men makes us afraid. We call out in our distress and He hears us. There is no need to hide from evil or run to someplace safe. The enemy looks strong, the liars are everywhere and aiming to take us, but the Lord is our strength. He alone is worthy of praise.

The Lord comes on the storm and shakes the foundations of the earth. He teaches us by the truth we can know and by the works we have the strength to do. He tests us in our doubt but gives us the insight to find the right path.

The Lord pours out his righteousness on all who follow Him. Draw near to his awesome power and leave all worldly desires behind. There are many who are looking for someone to show them the way. We are happy to be of service, even when thing are not going well for it is then when can give the most. Our candle is lit and we will sleep peacefully tonight and every night for we have found our safety in You.

Step four is about learning how to trust our belief. We take the ideal we fought for in step three and use it as fact. We begin to understand that we do not have to know the content of the truth so much as we have to learn to trust it. Trust means that we do not run or hide from trouble no matter how strong the enemy looks and no matter how fearful sorrow and death seem to be. Trusting the truth is the only path that works, and only by our trust can we learn its strength.

Seeing the power of truth gives us a taste of real faith. We learn in stages as we grow and we are tested by our doubts but our perserverance pays off. We look for the right things to do and we see how it adds to our strength. Leaving worldly desires behind becomes a relief and thus our enemies, both within and without can no longer control us. Our deeds become visible to others in need and our actions become a service and a beacon to them.

We see how trusting the truth delivers us from the enemy's traps and how their lies make them vulnerable. They look to their lies to save them but their actions only confirm what is truth. Hopeful trust becomes confident faith and a flame is kindled in our hearts that will light our path from within.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Connecting the Lessons

Step One: Enlightenment, Praise and Comfort, Make Good Efforts

How to begin? We look at the people around us and decide who we want to be like and who we don't. Among them we see the arrogant, the unjust and the negative. On the other side there are small children, innocent people and confident, efficient, productive workers. We search for the best way to think and act, delighting in the creation, in truth, in productivity and strength. We avoid slander and gossip, making trouble, and all liars. We honor those who seek the truth and humbly hold out for fair play.

We see where the path splits in two and we make an early choice. One is an easy slope that leads to pleasure and riches with many dark places to hide and rest. Its end is dim and hard to see. The other path is well lit but demanding. It requires balance, control, strength and perserverance. It leads to high, far seeing places that are bright but steep.

The choices are everyone's to make and there is very little one person can do to help another before the choice is made. At first we can turn back and choose the other path, but the further along we go the harder it gets.

The first steps on the path are about making efforts based on our abilities and circumstances. All of us are equally able to begin by learning from the examples of the people we see every day. We make our own decisions and are responsible for our own growth. We are not actually on the path until we begin to have the power to exercise some control in our lives.

Step Two: Responsibility, Praise and Power, As I Am Able

We learn from what we see and the choices are many. One one hand the officials of nations and leaders of people are working to free themselves from all constraints. They have police and armies to insure they can break the rules without consequences. On the other hand are those that praise the power of their Creator. They know that all real power comes from Him, even if they are too small and weak to understand it. They know the truth shall make fools of the liars who will fall back at its coming.

It may appear to go well for those who worship lies, who pile up lands and riches at the expense of the innocent and needy; but we know that the future is in the hands of the creator who we call our Lord. He supports and maintains us. He has surveyed a home and blessed it for our inheritance. He has upheld us by his very existence and we shall be called his children by the Truth that is in us. We shall see the whole earth made clean and have it for our possession.

The liars are already rebuked and their wickedness has been destroyed. For a while their memory remains, but soon its effect will be forgotten. We call on the corrupt leaders and judges to wake up, there is time yet to turn back. Their responsibility is great and soon enough their destruction will come.

Our Creator endures forever and his throne is already prepared. He sees the truth and upholds those of all faiths who cherish it. He is a safe refuge for the troubled, He gives advice by day and guidance by night. We see his eye upon us always. Trusting the truth is the path to understanding. Those who seek his name will put their trust in Him and be seen by Him.
My heart is glad because my future is bright and hope brings me comfort. I am saved already and will always be a part of the perfection He has created.

Step two from psalms 2, 9 and 16 finds us with some power based on our personal growth but is exercised among groups of people. Social interaction requires us to look outside ourselves and our power brings greater responsibilities. The opportunities for trouble, for falling from the path and not being able to go higher increase.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

How Do We Find the Path?

We live in a great big universe but our experience of it is all within our bodies. Our reality is personal sensation and memory and deduction. Others can know us by our actions but we define ourselves by the things we know. We wish to discover real truth in our lives but we see our actions as imperfect reflections of what we would do if we could. Every moment is a compromise, every breath a betrayal of the perfection we cannot attain on our own. And yet, intention can be perfect. A simple longing to go home and be with friends; to share what we have witnessed and hope for understanding is the outline of a perfect form of growth and love.

Psalm 21 introduced us to the redeemed spirit, the real king who dwells within each of us. The seventh cycle of three; 19, 20 and 21 gave us wisdom without words, inspiration and the discovery of our strength. They are the reflections in us of sensation, memory and deduction.

In numbers there can be perfection. The first 21 lessons are a self-sustaining and balanced unit with a many-dimensional structure. The first seven lessons were an outline of the whole. They began with enlightenment that comes from understanding right and wrong action. Next came the responsibility that grows from that enlightenment. Third was fear, the natural result of knowing how bad it can get (I am still afraid, but I'm afraid that fear is the reason so many people quit the path and I'm afraid there is so little I can do about it). Four is the answer, draw near and find the truth. Five is the path, knowing that it is a path and knowing that it is important to stay on it. Six is all too human, losing your way and asking to be shown the path again (This is mostly where I live, for those enemies never go completely away). Seven is our kingdom, our inheritance, our long home.

The second group of seven began with praise and the comfort it brings in lesson eight. Nine showed us that given God's power and our status, the only thing we can bring to the table is praise. We then find that praise is the source of power that comes to us. In ten we find the power to see liars for what they are. In eleven is the power to overcome the fear of evil. Twelve is the power of truth. Thirteen is the power to overcome our tormentors and be handed the gift of trust. And in fourteen we can use this trust as armor against the fools that surround us and be confident of our future with our King.

The first seven psalms are an introduction to the idea that life is a path, a journey whose end is known but the content is not. The second seven show more depth about the stages of growth, about attitudes and expectations. The third set go deeper into actions and their consequences. Beginning at fifteen is how we can get near perfection by making good eforts. Sixteen shows us we are not very good at it, so we do the best we can. In seventeen we may slip, but we accept the path as our way. Eighteen shows the path to be hard and long, but it is well lit. In nineteen does wisdom become visible, though not through words. Lesson twenty is about getting what we need and inspiring others. Finally, in twenty one we find the King in our lives.

The structure of the first twenty one lessons is deeper and more complicated that the linear progression of groups of threes and sevens. It is also like a winding staircace or a helix with internal supporting structure. If seven steps make a complete turn then lessons one, eight and fifteen are also connected, as are two, nine and sixteen, and so on. We will consider these connections next.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Work Has Already been Done

We found reassurance in the last lesson that the Lord will indeed find us, that He will hear us in our time of need and send help. In fact, it has already been done and all we ever needed to do was simply believe it. It is not necessary to wait for more proofs, in fact they wouldn't help for if we don't trust the word of promise, we won't believe the demonstration either. But not everything is done all at once. This path through the psalms is only beginning and our growing in faith is a lifelong journey.

This is the end of the third cycle of seven. The first spoke of the Kingdom and the second of its King. Today we are shown the King who is in us. What has been an idea becomes reality. What was hope bourne by faith becomes the substance of understanding directing our actions. Our King is already in us, waiting to be found. It is the real "us" we were meant to be.

21. God Gives Us a King

The King in us finds joy in your strength, O Lord; salvation is his greatest blessing. You have given him his heart’s desire, and held back nothing that he requested. It is done. You have given him the greatest blessings and crowned him with purest gold. He asked for life, You have given him days without end; his glory is made great by your salvation. Honor and majesty are his true appearance. These gifts are his to keep forever and he knows the joy of being near to You.

Our redeemed spirit becomes our King, He is within us and we have trusted Him, O Lord, and with your strength we cannot fail. Through Him you will know our enemies, his hand will find those that hate You. You will wither them in the furnace of your anger and they will be swallowed up. Their fruit will be destroyed and their seed will be gone from your people. They intended evil against You, but they will not be able to finish it. Instead, You will finish them and You will make us the arrows on your bow.

The glory is Thine, O Lord, because of your strength; so we sing and are glad.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Torch is Passed

The face of our Creator may be seen in nature and the laws that shape it. We search for those laws and call it science, but we also call it religion, and philosophy and art. No one denies the existence of chemistry and physics, but shot through all of creation like the threads in a tapestry is life itself. From the single cell to the blue whale and beyond is the organization that allows it to continue and the laws of life are described by the words of our faith. We will love the Lord, and as we do to others, so shall it be done to us.

We cannot see ourselves clearly, but the laws will show us our faults. We are taught how to act from success and failure, but the will to find the quality path comes from a higher calling. It is the larger life that we seek but it cannot be found by our smaller methods. It is we that must be found by it.

Our path in life is meant to make us available to be found. Our actions do not make us more or less worthy, we are already created. Can we make ourselves to have another arm or another head? We need only get ourselves out of the darkness and into the light so that the Creator may heal us.

20. He Inspires His Own

The Lord will hear you in your day of trouble; the name of the God of your fathers will defend you. He will send out help from his fortress, and strengthen you with his power. The Lord remembers all your efforts and what you had to give up. It is true. He will give you what you need, and you will become what you have helped others to be.
Heaven will rejoice in your attainment, because your success will inspire others. We have seen how the Lord takes care of his own; how his strength passes to us. Some trust in the inventions of men, but we will use the name of the Lord our God. They will fall even as we are lifted up. Our King hears us when we call.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Joy of Learning is in the Discovery

Sometimes our days seem like a stroll through an alpine meadow in the spring and other days we are barely controling a boat on a raging torrent with the sound of a waterfall ahead. We may not always see the lesson or learn from the experience, yet every passing moment contains a new truth that we can know and a new work that we can do.

We may choose to seek knowledge and discover useful information, or we can work to understand those things we have seen; but life is a gift and so also is the simple wisdom of knowing what to do next.

The Lord has lit my candle and illuminated my darkness. We are a part of and yet apart from the creation so that we may find the joy of seeking it, and so the creator may also have the pleasure of showing it to us.

19. Wisdom is the Reward

The universe declares the glory of its Maker and in the sky is found His handiwork.
The passing days give instruction and at night the proofs are seen.
The lesson has no speech or language, it is not a voice that can be heard.
Unseen forces bind all together, and their joy radiates like the sun,
As a man on his wedding day, or like an athlete eager for a race.
The power is everywhere, there is nothing that can escape the force of it.
The laws that govern are perfect and their discovery enlarges and enlightens.
The Maker’s rules create peace and give order; to follow them is wisdom.
Be afraid of what is sure, for it cannot be compromised.
Such wisdom is more valuable than money or even food,
And by his truth we are warned as well as rewarded:
We cannot see ourselves clearly, but the laws will show us our faults.
Errant pride believes that power comes from us instead of to us.
May the words of my mouth be made acceptable in your sight,
My Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Suddenly, As Through a Fog, the Path is Visible

Lessons 15, 16 and 17 were a part of a conversation between the Creator and His creation. The question of what we must do was asked and answered, and the foundation was made that there is a path which leads through the confusion to the truth.

But this is not a path that eventually leads to the truth, it is the truth itself. Every day we move through space and time whether we will it or no. These lessons are meant to guide us in choosing the steps we can take, for if we do not choose then the choice will be made for us by habit or chance.

Only when we accept the notion that there is a path can we have a chance to find it, and only by trust will we come to understand that the finding is not our job. Through our love will we allow the path to find us.

18. The Candle is Lit

I will love the Lord, He is my strength. The Lord is the rock I stand on, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is the strength I will trust; my shield and safe refuge, the sound of my salvation. I will call upon the Lord, who alone is worthy of praise, and so be saved from my enemies.
Sorrow and death were all around me and the flood of ungodly men made me afraid. The chains of death drew me toward visions of Hell. In my distress I called out to the Lord, I cried to my God and He heard; in his temple my cry came to Him. The earth shook and the hills moved in his anger. Smoke and fire went up, the clouds came down and all was dark. He came as an angel and flew on the wings of the wind. He covered himself in a terrible storm so that his brightness would not be seen.
Lightening and hail came out of the cloud scattering all before it. Torrents of water and mighty winds shook the foundations of the earth. He reached out from above and saved me from the calamity. He delivered me from my enemies who were too strong for me alone. They would have made an end of me but the Lord became my strength. He brought me into a place of freedom because He was pleased with me.
The Lord taught me according to the truth that I could know and by the works that I had strength to do, for I have sought the ways of the Lord and have not looked for trouble. I have found the truth and will look no farther. I have followed my conscience and tempered my impulses; and for this the Lord has given me instruction, according to what He has seen in me.
Be generous to those in need, deal honestly with hardworking people. Speak the truth to those who understand, but never lose an argument to the contentious. In this way you will save the troubled and deflate the proud.
The Lord my God has lit my candle and illuminated my darkness. With his strength I have run through an army and leaped over their walls. God’s way is perfect; the Lord’s word is tempered and sure; He is a shield to all who trust him.
Who is God except our Lord? Who is the rock we stand on unless it is our God? It is God that arms me with strength and makes my path perfect. He makes me sure-footed and takes me to the highest places. He teaches me how to fight and gives me the strength and will to win. He has given me the shield of salvation and his hands hold me up; but it is his gentleness that makes me great.
Lord, You have made my path easy to see so that I may not slip. I have overtaken my enemies and did not turn back until I had won. I have bested them all and moved on to other tasks. It is the strength You have given me that has made this happen.
You have made my enemies vulnerable that I might overcome those that hate me. They cried out, even to their lord, but there was none to save them. I beat them down as small as the dust and threw them out like dirt in the street. You have delivered me from all their efforts and now the people I fought will serve me. As soon as they hear of me they will submit, even foreigners will obey my words and they will go back to their countries in fear.
The Lord lives; blest be my rock; let the God of my salvation be raised up high. It is God that delivers me, He subdues the people under me. He saves me from my enemies: He lifts me up above them and delivers me from the violence in them. I will give thanks to You, O Lord, and sing your praise to the unknowing. Great deliverance You gave to king David and now You will show mercy to your people forevermore.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

There Is Only One Task

We were told in the last lesson that my soul knows, but my being is not quick enough to understand. We use our senses and thoughts to create some order in out lives, but the whole creation is much larger and more complicated that we can realize.

It is a comfort to know we were created by the same forces that created the rest of it. We don't have to understand in order to use it or know what to do next. We only need to know that there is a path that leads to our long home, and that finding it is within our power.

17. Accept the Path

Hear my song, O Lord, listen to my cry; lend an ear to my prayer which is sincere. Sentence me as You will in your balanced sight. You have tried my heart, You have shown me the truth in my dreams; my purpose is to do Your will. As for what others do, by your words have I been able to stay free of them. You guide me on this path, please don’t let me slip.
I have called on You and I know You will hear me, listen to me now. Show your strength and power, save them that trust You from the enemy. Keep me shining as the apple of your eye; protected in the shadow of your wings from the liars that are all around and would have me change my ways. They are fat from the traps they have sprung and they believe they are important. They follow me and would bring me down if they could, like hungry jackals hiding in ambush.
Rise up, my Lord, and disappoint them; throw them down and save me from their trouble. They are men of the world and this life is their portion, it is all they and their children shall ever have. As for me, I will dream of your righteous face and be satisfied with the memory.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Path is Also a Conversation

We cannot always know what is the best choice to make or decision to take. Very often we must go ahead with too little information, but the message of the last lesson was that efforts to do the right thing will not go unrewarded. Speak the truth with confidence knowing that lies condemn themselves.

We are assured that by seeking the truth we put ourselves in a place where the truth can find us. We found instruction in the last lesson, and today we give our response.

16. As I am Able

Protect me, O God, for only in You am I safely home. My soul knows You are Lord of all, but my being is not quick enough to understand. I will be content to help those who seek the truth and look for You; as I am able.
It may seem to go well for those who worship lies but I will not take their path or respect their names. My future is with the Lord, He supports and maintains me. He has surveyed a home for me that is pleasing, I have inherited His blessing.
I will give all credit to the Lord, He gives me advice by day and guidance by night. I see His eye upon me always, He is at my side and is my strength. My heart is glad because my future is bright and hope gives me comfort. I am already saved and will always be a part of the perfection He has created. My Lord, show me the path in this life and fill me with joy in the anticipation of wonders to come.

Monday, May 30, 2005

What, Exactly, Do We Need to Do?

The foolish do not understand that there is a Kingdom nor do they fear the King. They put their trust only in what they can see and do not believe the promises given to their fathers. We do believe, yet we must learn to live in our hope while surrounded by trouble and doubt.

At first, new faith is fragile and needs clear and simple directions. What do I do now? What is the next step I must take? These are important questions, and a straightforward question deserves a direct answer.

15. Make Good Efforts

Lord tell us, what must we do to get near Your presence?
Remember to be confident, do the best you can and speak the truth as you see it. Don’t spread slander or gossip and try not to cause unnecessary trouble for the people around you. You will see the liars condemning themselves and you will honor those that search for the truth. Hold to the right path, even when it hurts. Don’t take unfair advantage of those with less than you and never exploit the innocent.
He who does these things will always be near the Lord.

Friday, May 27, 2005

It's Not About What We Trust, but Who.

Our path through the psalms has led us to a place of trust. We know there is one God, but for many He has always been somewhere "out there" while we are always "in here". Trust is the bridge that spans here and there but it is hard to find.

We know we have flaws, but who can we trust if not ourselves and our biased judgements? We want to trust what we cannot lay hold of, but it seems to be just a feeling and the definitions of some words and requires much patience and practice. Do you know that to believe in God is to trust Him? Just as faith without works is dead, so belief without trust is an empty shell. Even the devils believe, and they tremble.

This lesson is the end of the second cycle of seven psalms. The first ended with the truth about the Kingdom we seek. This cycle ends with the truth about its King, the One who deserves our trust.

14. Understanding the Foolish

The fools have convinced themselves that there is no God. This corrupts them and makes worthless everything that they do. The Lord looks upon man’s knowledge to see if anybody understands or seeks after the real truth. Everyone has gone astray, there is nobody doing good by his own efforts. No, not one. Are they stupid? They think taking advantage of others gains for them, and they don’t look for the truth. Their knowledge does not reduce their fear because God is the basis of real truth. They ridicule the trust of the poor in spirit who are faithful.
Things will be put right, we will understand and be glad.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Where Do We Get the Strength?

Our enemies lie out of habit even when the truth would serve them better. How can they be so foolish, we may ask. Yet our real enemies are not just the voices we hear, but the ones to which we give our attention out of habit or desire. Even our own memory can be our enemy when those remembered voices come from within.

Only the truth has the power of making but it takes strength to find that power, and even more strength to wield it. We seek the truth, but we must first seek the strength to find it.

13. Trust

How much longer must I wait, Lord?
How much farther can I make it on my own?
I don’t have the strength to keep this up forever,
My sorrow and my enemies are wearing me out.
Please hear me, if I don’t get help from You,
It will be the end of me and my tormentors will have won.

But wait, I have trusted You.
Glory and mercy, the trust is where my salvation comes from!
I will sing and be glad, the Lord has given me the truth.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Where Do We Find the Power to Choose?

We are tested in our doubt, but only as much as we indulge that doubt. Some people have a hard time getting onto elevators or bridges because of another kind of doubt. We saw in the last lesson that there is no need to worry because from where the Lord sits, nothing goes unnoticed. We trust that the steel cables will hold our weight, even though we have probably never tested it, because that is the truth about steel.

We have learned to trust the truth, and it is the truth about the creation that we seek.

12. Only Truth has Power

Help us Lord, there are few left who know the truth or care to look for it. Our enemies boast and flatter all the time, they lie to each other out of habit even when the truth would serve them better. The Lord will cut them off.
They think their power comes from themselves: that they can gain from the oppression of the needy with no thought of justice. But real power is in the word of truth, pure and refined it lasts forever. It holds us safe though we are surrounded by the worst of men.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Doubt is the Fuel that Feeds Our Fear

We have learned that praise brings power and with it comes responsibility. We have seen the loneliness of making hard choices and have asked for God to come to us and help. It seems like a reasonable request, after all we are seeking His will in our lives.

Evil men act as if God doesn't see what they do, but we WANT Him to find us, to teach us and bring comfort to the weak and humble. But God does not come running when we cry out like a mother to her babe. He does not strike down the wicked and reward the just as fast as we think He might. And thus we come to today's lesson about doubt.

11. Fear No Evil

The Lord has my trust; there is no need to hide from trouble, or run away to someplace safe. The enemy looks strong, and liars are everywhere, aiming to take us in day and night. What can we do if the truth has no effect?
There is no need to worry. The Lord is King and from where He sits nothing goes unnoticed. He tests us in our doubt but gives us enough strength to find the right path. The wicked and violent are caught by their own weakness and cannot survive the trouble that comes to them.
The Lord is righteous and pours out his strength upon those who follow Him.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

There Are Some Things Which Remain Hidden

We have come to a place on our path of learning that is narrow and treacherous. Many never make it past this test. From the last lesson we have gained a taste of the power that comes from praise and we should know that with power comes responsibility. The feeling of responsibility is the feeling of being alone. No one else can make our decisions for us and no one else must answer for what comes from our choices.

We know that we really are not alone, but we feel that we are and so our choice becomes more complicated. Do we act on what we know or on what we feel? It is a temptation to indulge the loneliness and self-pity to excuse weak and easy choices. Acting on what we know requires the hard work of faith in the face of doubt.

We have found a little power. How we use it determines whether we will find a little more. The nature of our world is that we can get no more power that we can safely abuse. Today's lesson shows how so many have lost their way so early on their path to understanding.

10. What the Wicked don’t Know

Why does it seem like You are so far away, Lord, especially when I need You the most? The liars in their pride are always tricking the poor, may they be taken in their traps. They would sell you what you don’t need by provoking pride and desire which is not of God. In their vain boasting they cover up the truth. The liar grovels for what is unimportant and doesn’t understand or seek after justice. He thinks he will have everything his way. He curses and cheats, always talking of trouble and his own greatness. He waits for a chance to take advantage of the unsuspecting. He hides himself from the innocent, then catches them in his nets. He disguises himself as one of them so that the unaware will be caught in his trap, convinced that God won’t see what he does.
Well it’s time, my Lord, to give a hand to the humble. Why do the wicked keep at it? Do they think You don’t know or care? But You have seen, You do care for the weak and humble and You hold out your hand. Break the strength of the wicked, seek them out until they are no more. The Lord is our King for ever and the wicked will disappear without a trace.
Lord, You have heard our humble prayer, You have strengthened us and given us power to be heard. You will be Lord and father to the oppressed and we will be judged only by You.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Learning How to Give Praise

"Your glory is so great, even calling your name is a comfort to us."

We are like a flower petal, shining for a while in the sun. Our being gives glory to the One who created us. We know that we do not have much power on our own, either to influence the world or even in our own lives. What we do have comes to us from somewhere else. The key to unlock that power and put it in our lives is to understand where it resides and how to gain access .

The process begins with knowing about praise.

9. Praise and Power

I will praise You, O Lord, with all that I am and all that I do.
I will rejoice and sing your name out loud.
The enemy will fall back and die at your coming.
You have upheld me and my cause just by your existence on Zion, the Throne of Truth.
The liars are rebuked, the wicked are destroyed; You have erased their names forever.
Enemies of the truth, your destruction is total, even your cities will be forgotten.
But the Lord endures forever and His throne is prepared for judgement.
He will see the truth in the world, and uphold those who cherish it;
He has become a safe refuge for the troubled and oppressed.
Those who know His name will put their trust in Him, and will be seen by Him.
Sing praises to the Lord, all who are ruled by His kingship, declare yourselves.
He remembers your trouble and hears your anguished cries.
Have mercy on me, O Lord, deliver me from hatred as You deliver me from death.
I will sing praises in your fair kingdom and rejoice in my eternal fortune.
The liars fall into the traps they make and trip over their own deceit.
The Lord is known by an even hand, but the wicked hold to that which fails. So it is.
The wicked become Hell, along with the nations that forget there is God.
The needy will be remembered, their expectations shall not perish forever.
Rise up, O Lord, show them who is King. Let the liars be judged by your truth.
Make them afraid, O Lord: that they will know they are only men. So it shall be.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Learning in the Natural World

We begin a second week of journey on our path through the psalms. These second seven lessons will bring us to new and higher ground, but it is like a hillside path which meanders back and forth. We shall be looking over the same ground but from a higher perspective.

The first seven lessons spoke of the ideas of enlightenment, responsibility and fear on our journey of seeking. These next seven lessons look to the world around us and the people we see in it. We are moving from a general awareness to specific examples that we see every day.

8. Praise and Comfort

O Lord our King, your glory is so great that even calling your name is a comfort to us.
The young and the innocent speak the truth naturally and it confounds our enemies.
When I consider the size of the universe, the stars and galaxies which You have made;
What is man that You even consider him, or the children of men that You teach them?
You have made us a little lower than the angels,
But You gave us understanding of your glory and honor.
You gave us power over everything You made, all your works are under our feet:
Every animal, bird and fish are for our use; everything in the world.
O Lord our King, even your name is a comfort to us.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Seven is the Number of Completeness

"Come back and save me again," the last lesson said and it is a place we have all been at one time or another. One day we reach for the stars and find important truths, and the next day we are left wondering where the feeling went.
Just as enlightenment brought responsibility and then fear in the first three lessons, now the answer brought the awareness of the path and then loss in the second three. Today's lesson completes the larger cycle of seven by introducing us to the kingdom.
These ideas will be visited again and again, enhancing them as we travel our path. Cycles of three and seven will repeat and overlap, adding other levels of meaning as we go.

7. The Kingdom

My Lord, I live in the kingdom You have made, I trust the workings of its laws. You will deliver me from those who wish me harm, who would tear my soul to pieces if You were not here to help me. You protect me as a citizen of your kingdom and will always keep me safe from the power of the enemy. If I were to follow their rules, or if I caused harm to come to those who were not troubling me, I would give them power over me. They would persecute me, walk over me and take my inheritance away.
Rise up in your people, my Lord. Let the rage of our enemies awaken in us the power to overcome them. We hold your name high. Judge us by the standards You teach and reward us according to your mercy. Let them all know the truth, that their wickedness might end and our works be established by your judgement.
My defense is your law which saves the good heart and preserves good work but punishes the wicked. If they don’t change, they and their works will be cut down. They work hard at causing trouble but they will fall by their own lies and their traps will swallow them up. Their evil ruins itself and is their undoing.
I will praise the Lord because it is the only way out of this place where evil dwells. I will sing praise that there is a path and rejoice that we are on it.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yesterday We Saw, but Today We're Not Sure

Are we moving around in random ways or are we going somewhere? Are we treading water and marking off the days or are we traveling a path toward a goal? We know that goals are important to keep our work focused and productive, but are the goals themselves leading somewhere? This study of the psalms is about finding a path that leads to higher understanding, and the first step is recognizing that there is a path.

The last lesson reminded us of our intention, "Lord, make the path visible and I will follow." Today we see the all too common dilemma of remembering something from yesterday that seems to be missing today.

6. Show Me Again

Lord, I’m sorry. Don’t be angry, I couldn’t survive your displeasure. Be kind to me, I am tired and broken and have bad habits. I want to do your work but I have no direction, how long must I wait? Come back and save me again, please, and I will do all for You. I am ready to die for You, but what could I do then? I am tired, how many times must I ask? I wake in the night wondering how to serve You. I can’t even see straight anymore, every step seems to be wrong.
Go away, all you tempters. The Lord has heard me. He knows my trouble, He can hear my call. Look out, be quick about it; get out of the way, here I come.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Listening For the Music to Start

Lesson four was called the answer, but it began with a question. Asking questions while seeking the truth is the best way to keep our feet moving along the path, but we must do more than seek good questions to ask. We must also learn to be still and listen for the answers. Progress is not measured by the lessening of the problems we face, but by what we learn from trying to solve them.

Life is a journey through the day, this one day we call today. Most of us will sleep tonight in the same place we awoke, so our path is not about destination but the experience of living it. This is not a trek so much as it is a dance of skill and joy taken with thanks and praise for the music which is not of our making.

Today's lesson is about facing the new day with a new attitude and going with a light step where it leads.

5. The Path

Listen to my words and consider my thoughts, my Lord.
Take notice of my voice and hear my prayer, my King and my God.
I begin my day looking up and speaking to You, Lord;
For I know You take no pleasure in wrongdoing and allow no evil to come near.
The foolish don’t exist in your presence, You hate the working of evil.
You will destroy the liar and shut out the killers and thieves.
I will come to You and be allowed in your house, I will fear You and nothing else.
Lead me through my enemies, Lord, make the path visible and I will follow.
My enemies cannot speak of faithfulness, they only know flattery;
Their throats are an open grave; destroy them, my God.
Caught up in their deceit and broken by their lies, they have turned from You.
We who trust in You will rejoice and shout for joy, we are safe within your defenses.
You, Lord, will favor our works with your shield.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One Small Cycle Ends, Another Begins

We have come through the first cycle of three lessons on our path through the psalms; enlightenment, responsibility and fear. This is the most basic unit of teaching, the threefold cord which is not quickly broken. (Eccl. 4:12)

Our enlightenment brought responsibility which comes with the danger of failure, and with danger comes fear. Fear is not always bad, but it puts us on alert to smaller details of our existence and so causes us to use more energy. This gives us a chance to practice our courage which is not about getting rid of fear, but acting in the presence of it. We must become more efficient in our actions if we are to become more effective and move forward in our development.

"Ten thousand fearful people don't scare me" is a strong statement. It shows we are willing to seek the truth in the face of very strong opposition. This is a short cut if you are ready, they do not come often, to go straight to the end of the path, to the top of the mountain.
Lesson 4 builds upon the foundation of the first three and begins a cycle of its own.

4. The Answer
Hear me when I ask, my King and my teacher. You showed me the way when I was in trouble and now I have a question. How long will it be until men seek the truth? How long will they ridicule real power and only look for what is entertaining and dramatic? How long?
The King has a special place for those who want to know the truth and He hears us. Draw near his awesome power and leave all worldly desires behind. Draw near. Do the right thing always and know the King of Righteousness will understand. There are many who are looking for someone to show them the way. May the Lord help us and make us strong.
I am always happy to be of service, but even more glad when things are not going well. I will sleep peacefully tonight and every night for I have found my safety in You.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Path is Becoming Dangerous

Yesterday's lesson taught the responsibility that comes from the enlightenment of the day before. Knowledge and understanding bring to us power to use as we decide, but with power comes responsibility. It does not make our choices easier, in fact it makes them more important.

If we wield the power we gain as if there are no consequences we shall fail to grow and move farther on our path. We must search for the truth carefully. Today's lesson is the next step in learning diligence.

3. About Fear

Lord, what have I gotten into? There are so many who are against us, so many who say we are wrong and that there is no power except the kind they know. So it always was.
You are my shield, my strength and my hope. I asked to be shown the truth and You heard me. So it now is.
I can sleep without fear, You are there when I awake. Ten thousand fearful people don’t scare me. Although we are surrounded, we will punch their faces and break their teeth. Salvation belongs to the King and He gives it to his people. So it shall always be.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Another Day, Another Journey Begun

Our first step on the path through the psalms gave examples of right and wrong action. Enlightenment is the understanding not of good and evil, but that we have the ability to choose one or the other. And so we come to the work that our journey through life is all about. We must make choices and only we can determine the basis for making them.

We can ask for help and look for guidance, but in the end, no one else can decide for us what we make to be more or less important. And thus we come to the second lesson on our path.

2. Responsibility

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine themselves great? The officials of nations and leaders of people work to free themselves from all constraints. They wish to be able to break all the rules of right living with no consequences. The truth shall make fools of them all, exposing their folly to ridicule.
There is a real King who has all power, and his Son is the truth which is in us. We shall have the heathen for our inheritance and the whole earth for our possession. We shall make the earth clean.
Wake up you officials, learn the truth you judges. Search for the truth and be afraid; your responsibility is great and if you falter only a little you will be destroyed.
Trusting the truth is the path to understanding.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Every day we wake up to a new world with new challenges and experiences. No matter what we did yesterday, it is only a memory and it's lessons are a small part of a liftime of memories. Right now, today is all we have and with its coming, another brand new journey starts. This path we are about to take through the psalms begins with a blessing.

1. Enlightenment

Blessed we are and given understanding when we don’t go along with those who twist the truth for their own gain, or support wrong action for their own cause, or enjoy ridiculing others. We delight in doing what is right. We are always searching for the best way to think and act. We become strong, rooted in fertile ground nourished by the living truth. We are productive and efficient and our works will outlive us. We gain strength from everything we do.
It doesn’t go so well for those who choose not to follow the truth. They are only the wrappings that get thrown away. They have no substance, they make no weight upon the scale and there is no place for them among the fruitful.
The light will shine on what we make of ourselves, but the light cannot find what is nothing.